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Wednesday 1 March 2017

Our House: A home for all


Friday 31 March - Friday 9 June 2017

As part of Our House - our latest campaign exploring the rituals, objects and ideas that make a house a home - we invite you to experience 'A Home for All' by The New Craftsmen.

Located on the lower ground floor of Selfridges Oxford Street, A Home for All is an immersive and interactive environment exploring the home as the most fundamental expression of 'self'.

Book today to discover the space or to join one of the amazing workshops.

As part of Our House - our latest campaign exploring the rituals, objects and ideas that make a house a home - we invite you to experience 'A Home for All' by The New Craftsmen.

The New Craftsmen The New Craftsmen The New Craftsmen The New Craftsmen The New Craftsmen The New Craftsmen The New Craftsmen The New Craftsmen
Set designer - Nicola Yeoman, Photographer - Henry Bourne

The experience

Drawing on the creative spirit of The New Craftsmen's makers, A Home for All is themed around a series of domestic rituals, which you can journey through to nurture your inner maker.

Whether making sourdough bread around the table or slumbering in haystacks - craft and materiality combine with physical activity, encouraging a sense of community, discussion, play and imagination.


Come together and discover the importance of home-making rituals with our resident Homemakers Susy Webb and Bee Farrell, founders of The Anthropologists of Eating. These community-focused workshops explore the cultural significance of traditional practices of sourdough and preserve making.

Sourdough Making

The Story of Sourdough Making Workshops

6 & 20 April | 4 & 18 May | 1 June, 1PM - 3PM & 4PM - 6PM

The sourdough bread-making workshops explore the cultural importance of this practice, as well as the making process itself. From milling grain to fermentation, each workshop examines a different part of the 'making journey'- from field to table. You will be able to take home a small loaf of bread and your own 'The New Craftsmen' sourdough starter kit to practice the skills you have learnt at home.

Preserve Making

Preserving workshops

13 & 27 April | 11 & 25 May and 8 June

Explore the fascinating and varied means of creating and preserving fruit and vegetables in this series of hands-on workshops. Using everyday kitchen ingredients (salt, oil, vinegar and honey) to preserve, participants will be equipped with valuable techniques to use at home. You can even take away your own delicious pot of preserve, from salted lemons to Persian cucumbers.


Step into the creative worlds of The New Craftsmen's makers. Against the backdrop of their installations, you'll be learning, playing and using your imagination alongside them through a series of interactive workshops

Bristol Weaving Mill

Cashmere & silk rag rug weaving workshop with bristol weaving mill

31 March, 1, 7 and 8 April and 9, 10 June | 1PM - 3PM & 4PM - 6PM

Discover the sensory process of rag rug weaving on the sprawling loom of Bristol Weaving MIl. Baskets brimming with soft cashmere ribbons made from selvedge waste provide the raw materials to be woven by hand into a canvas of colour and texture. Working as part of a group, your individual input will help create a rug.

Georgia Kemball

Costume studio workshop With Georgia Kemball

14, 15 and 21, 22 April | 1PM - 3PM & 4PM - 6PM

Join us to create quirky and fun interpretations of the 'domestic scene' in a photo-booth created by designer Georgia Kemball, complete with backdrops and props. Choose from a mix of objects, accessories and clothing to express different identities and moods.

Georgia Kemball is a multidisciplinary designer who recently graduated in Textiles from the Royal College of Art. Her interior textile collection for The New Craftsmen is an extension of her graduate work, which explores the sentimentality of a threadbare item of clothing or piece of fabric.

Lola Lely Dye-making

Workshops in the The Dyer's Kitchen with Lola Lely Studio

28 April - Making Dried Herb Bundles to Ward Off Bad Spirits | 29 April - Woad and weld dyeing workshop | 1PM - 3PM & 4PM - 6PM

In the first of the Lola Lely Studio workshops, you'll be unlocking the larder to discover the fascinating ingredients and herbs at our finger tips day-to-day. You'll be grinding and bundling to explore the sensory properties of herbs and creating your own incense 'smudge sticks'.

Enter our 'Dyer's Studio' and discover the distinctive properties of woad and weld to create different hues of green. Dipping cloth over time in vats of dye, you'll see the spectrum of green that the combination of these natural dyes can make. In the spirit of community making, your hand-dye scraps of fabric will then be stitched together to create a large patchwork piece.

Lola Lely, Aimee Betts and Tom of Holland

Stitch & play workshops With Aimee Betts, Tom of Holland and Lola Lely Studio

5, 6 MAY | 1PM - 3PM & 4PM - 6PM

Enjoy the communal experience of boro-style patchwork making. Together with Aimee Betts and Tom of Holland, you'll be applying domestic sewing techniques - from darning to cross-stitch - to embroider pieces of fabric together made in Lola Lely's previous workshop.

Laura Carlin, City of Homes

"A City of Homes" workshop With Laura Carlin

12, 13, 19, 20 May | 1PM - 3PM & 4PM - 6PM

Through the eyes of illustrator and ceramicist Laura Carlin, explore the communities and neighbourhoods of London expressed through everyday found and domestic objects. Items such as paper, plastic funnels, pipefittings and matchboxes are painted and illustrated to create houses, streets and homes. In this creative and highly imaginative workshop, you'll design your own 3D maquette, and consider what interior and exterior features make it a home. Coming together, you'll compose an entire community and discuss the different ideas and approaches to home making.

Laura Carlin is an award-winning ceramicist and illustrator, whose whimsical designs and quirky sculptures have garnered a cult following in the UK and abroad.

Matthew Raw, Malleable Table

'The malleable table' workshop with Matthew Raw

26, 27 May, 2, 3 June | 1PM - 3PM & 4PM - 6PM

Make your mark on 'The Malleable Table' as you cast and carve your own mark-making tools in plaster, before creating individual and collective patterns in clay, while learning more about the history of mark making in ceramics. You can even take your tools home with you at the end of the workshop.

Frequently using tiles and letterforms to tell the stories of people and places, Jerwood Prize-winning ceramicist Matthew Raw seeks to push the possibilities of clay to challenge public perceptions of what it can do as a material.

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